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Revised Access Class Rules Published 27th Nov 2009

27th November 2009

Revised Access Class Rules Published 27th Nov 2009 news article

All Access sailors and Sailability Groups should note the revised Access Class Rules now available on this website and applicable from 1 December 2009. Follow the link: www.accessclass.org.uk/spage-documents-a_d_class_rules.html .

Items of particular note are:

Rule C.1. All sails used in competition must have sail numbers at least 175mm high. The ACA(UK) Committee have endorsed this class rule, so any old sails with smaller numbers must have new numbers applied if they are to be used in TT events or Championships. For the World Championships and any events outside UK, the letters GBR must also be applied as shown in Class Rules Appendix 2. New sails will normally have GBR applied before delivery. SSM Ltd can supply numbers and letters for older sails.

Rule C.2.1. There are now strict weight limits for hulls and keels. If in doubt, get them weighed.

Rule G.2.1. Only sails made by licensed sailmakers are allowed for competitions. Effectively this means only those made by Horizon Sails. SSM Ltd can supply new sails if needed.

Note also that some variations on the Class Rules have been approved and are shown on the International Access website:– Technical – Copies of RAE Applications. 2.3 sailors should note especially RAEs 7 and 8 which allow alternative mainsheet fittings which may be helpful. In all classes a turning block is now allowed at the end of the boom for the outhaul line (RAE 10).

Competitors in the World Championship are advised that boats will be inspected and spars and sails measured to ensure compliance with the Class Rules. Whether using a private boat or a group-owned boat, the Class Rules should be studied, and measurements taken, to ensure no unpleasant surprises on arrival at Rutland in June.

If in doubt about interpretation of a class rule, contact ACA(UK) Chief Measurer, John Figgures, or any other member of the ACA(UK) Technical Sub-Committee. See: www.accessclass.org.uk/spage-people-management_committee.html .

Richard Smallwood
Chairman, ACA(UK)

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