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2020 Hansa GUL VR Series 1 - Event No3

5th May 2020

Hansa Virtual Racing.

2020 Hansa GUL VR Series 1 - Event No3

Tuesday 5th May.

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Follow this link to see the results: http://www.hansaclass.org.uk/page-results.html


Read a full report on the Yachts and Yachting website on the following link: This includes the exciting announcement of some spot prizes. https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/228810/Hansa-GUL-VR-Series-2020-Week-3

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posted 10.52,  5th May


We have 18 entries so far for our racing at 3pm, so we can run 8 races with all involved again. There will be a 10 minute break between races 4 and 5. 2 more places are available; if you want to race this week get back to me quickly.

These are the entries that I have so far. Check that you’re on the list if you want to race today:

Phillips Paul IRL3
Pearson Paul Lib2600
Duffy Mary Muru Golly
Everitt Mike Mikeeveritt
Woosnam James Woosy
Etherton Peter iCandy
Durston David HansaclassUK
Jolliffe Dave Jolly66
Whyatt Kate Upesi pesi
Kennington Harry HarryK
Barrett Ivor IvorB
Sheath Andy G-Bug
Van den Broek Wilma Twinkel
Boyd Robert Spinning Top
McKinna Rory Glasgow Bonnet
Hillman Alan/Natalia F101
Schahinger Bob JLS853
Sturgis Lara

Below is the link to join the Zoom meeting. (You will get your link to this and the Meeting ID and password in your "entered" email) This will be open to join from 2:30pm BST. First race 3pm.

The race codes will be:









We will tell you on Zoom and WhatsApp when these races are open. You will not be able to enter the race until they are open.

Topic: Hansa Gul Regatta

Time: May 5, 2020 14:30 London

Join Zoom Meeting  (You will get your link to this and the Meeting ID and password  in your "entered" email)

Meeting ID:  (see note above)

Password:  (see note above)

Happy sailing. Good luck.

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Extract from Notice of Race. For full details read the full Notice of Race on the link below.

SCHEDULE for each Tuesday event.

Tuesday 2pm: Sailing Instructions will be sent by email to all entrants, including the race schedule and codes.

Tuesday 2:30pm: Link will be sent out for Zoom group

Tuesday 2:55pm: For those in the first race enter the necessary code to access the race in Virtual Regatta

Tuesday 3pm: First race

Tuesday Soon after previous race: Next races will follow on according to the race schedule. If there are 2 pools you will be racing alternate races

Tuesday 4:30pm: T arget time for completion

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Follow this link for the Notice of Race for the Series (there are 10 events in the series stages over 10 weeks)

Follow this link to see How to Participate

Follow this link to see All events in the series + all Report and Results

There is still time to enter this online racing Series and you can still win the series as there are just 6 events to count out of the 10 events

There is great fun to be had together with your Hansa Racing friends and good prizes to be won for results and spot prizes.


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